Our expertise lies in the area of intelligent automation. We apply deep learning and machine vision to extract patterns in the movement of material, parts and personnel in diverse industrial scenarios, and employ tools from robotics to improve the process. The results are usually visible in higher quality, speed, accuracy and repeatability of outcomes. Application areas include warehousing, manufacturing, construction, surveillance and commercial kitchens. The scale ranges from handling a few niche parts to thousands of parts. 

Commercial Kitchens

By adopting our automation solution in your commercial kitchen, you can become a more efficient with flexible food product formulations and multi-product parallel process lines.


Goods, grains, and liquids are present in abundant quantities in warehouses. Management is the key in warehousing of materials and we understand that’s why our warehousing solutions must provide high-quality automation to manage such huge amount of materials.


The manufacturing industry continues to expand globally at an incredible pace. However, industry’s basic goal remains the same i.e. to operate at more efficiently and deliver products in market faster rate. Our manufacturing expertise, strategic relationships, and automation solutions can span the entire supply chain.


To meet your deadlines, you need to increase speed with efficiency, lower material and labour costs, and achieve high dependency. Our automated solutions for construction improves your throughput by making it easier to work. You get the right information and machine in the right place in no time, to make the quick and correct business decisions.


With demand for low-cost, larger area covering, high resolution cameras, you need advanced surveillance and control solutions that help your customers meet their safety goals. To be protected from theft, you need our surveillance applications and solutions that reduces risk, capture every single movement with advanced technology.

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