Overview of Pistalia

The team at Pistalia Pvt. Ltd. has over 3 decades of combined industrial experience, significantly international, in cutting edge areas of Mechanical Engineering, Software Architecture and Automation. This talented and highly motivated team is committed to harnessing its expertise to add lasting value to its customers in industry. Its track record of achievement in prior roles is the foundation stone of our company. 

Our solutions for Industrial Automation are suitable for all customer sizes. We provide solutions for many different industries such as warehousing, construction, surveillance etc. Our team can design custom solutions according client’s specific requirements. We work with our customers from inception to installation with innovative solutions to meet their current needs and provide them with the flexibility to accommodate expanding needs in the future.


Our Automation services provides cost-effective automated solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage through increased and high efficiency, productivity, decreased costs, greater flexibility with better quality. Our team has many years of expertise in Automation and we have developed state-of-the-art technology to design and build quality solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.

Our promise for quality products ensures continuous improvement in all sectors of your business which includes project management, technology, time saving, cost control and customer support. Our simple to use products allow our customers to maximize their return on investment by allowing them to reorganise product lines without repurchasing capital.

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